Sunday, December 30, 2012

Choose your crayon

I'm sitting here fairly tingling.  It will sound strange to some, but with the advent of the new year, I also got the huge gift of clearing up some thoughts that have been holding me back for a few years, and it feels wonderful!

You see, for years and years, there were all sorts of (we'll just call them) herbalists.  Some of my friends are very serious medicinal herbalists.  Some of them are very happy just taking care of their families, choosing to switch to allopathic medicine when it becomes that a situation is not self-limiting.  I have friends who know their stuff, but choose to use herbs mostly for cooking and decorative uses.  Some just like to garden. 

There were so many different crayons in the box, and not a one of them was superior to the other.
For years and years, that was just fine. 

Recently, it seems that there is a more narrow, specific accepted modality.  A specific sort of spirituality is often associated with it.  I've talked to very gifted herbalists who have become too intimidated by this situation to write anymore. 

Well I'm done.  I'm tired of this narrow definition.


Because people do the best they can.

Because I know too many people who don't eat in the prescribed way, but they still deserve to learn about herbs.  I ate at Sonic a few times this year.  Sue me.

I know too many people who do own TV's, and they watch them, too.  I'm one of them.

Because there's nothing wrong with whatever way a person chooses to come to herbs.  If they don't sense the Devas or think of the herbs as their personal allies, that's okay.  If they worship at the foot of a tree, that's okay too.  Everything in between is a-okay with me too.  Nobody starts out knowing everything, and I will not be making anyone feel like less because they don't.

Folk herbalism has sufficed for a long time.  If that's what people want to do - great.  If they want to spend their lives studying and learning as much as an MD - that's wonderful.

But I'm going back to the old way.  I'm not going to judge people by the way they live or the sacrifices they make.  It's too limiting, and too exclusive.  I'm getting too old to think that people should live in a certain way. There's a whole lot of gray between the black and the white.

You want to talk about herbs and have a little walk in the woods (or you're not "the outdoor type" but still want to talk about herbs)?  Fabulous!  That's what it's all about.  Every single crayon is beautiful in it's own way.


Rachael said...

What a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Nothing except life and death is truly black and white. EVERYTHING is simply some shade of gray. Or in my life, some varying hue of color!

Madison Woods said...

I think some version of the same sort of thing had been holding me back, too. This was an inspiring post. Thank you and may your new year be filled with many awe-inspiring moments!

Kelley said...

My feelings exactly! Thank you for verbalizing them for me and many others.

Linda said...

I just shared your blog site on my FaceBook page and added a comment, full credit to you of course. Thanks so much for the analogy. It's perfect.

Renee said...

I feel the same way. I love herbs and aromatherapy and in some ways get tired of people looking at me like I am crazy when I open up about it. I do believe that sometimes we need antibiotics but many times we don't. When you say that out loud it is an instant judgement. I get lectured on modern medicine and how could I shrug it. I never shrugged at it, I use it when needed but I do not want it to be my only option. This year though I have noticed more and more people trying herbs and natural remedies. I think they are tired of taking 6 rounds of different antibiotics and not getting any better. That is what turned me on to herbs and essential oils to begin with.

Tina Sams said...

Part of the reason we all think that herbs are becoming more and more popular is because of synchronicity. We ourselves become more surrounded by people who are interested in the things we are. We often also assume that everyone lives like we do, etc., etc.

Medicinal herbs are somewhat more mainstream than they were when we had our shop 20 years ago, but yes, there are still plenty of people who aren't interested in learning (yet). We have to be sure to welcome when they are.

Pamelita said...

Thanks for the great post.

Emma said...

lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you! We are blessed to have both modern medicine (and life) to help us as well as older wisdom such as herbalism. If others can't see the beautiful variety that is humanity, too bad for them.

Michele - Possum Creek said...

Well said and perfectly timed as always.


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