Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Autumn Melange at TEH

The pace changes here as the angle of the sun moves.  The deep blue of the sky is offset by golds and ambers, flashes of crimson, and still the deep, lush green that has been everywhere for months.  Instead of the rush of planting and weeding and putting things by, we have a little more time to venture into the woods (that have been clogged by immense growth until now) and wander around a little bit on deliveries.  The cooler weather makes it more enjoyable.
And so in that spirit, I thought I'd take you on a little tour of our past month, the things we do between working on the magazine, soap and Roots & Wings Fall Fest planning (there's still time to sign up for this Oct 19 event!) that make up most of our days.
A farm market in Ronks had huge bins full of gourds and pumpkins.  How could you choose?

Learning to catch the seeds as they spring from the pods is a pretty fun way to spend a walk in the woods.

The only thing left to harvest in the garden is the saffron and some vitex berries (for a friend).

Making lots of medicine with honey, garlic, lemons, ginger... we're ready!

Our "baby" pawpaw grove.

Found these at a farm market yesterday!  Yum!

A storm knocked these from a tree that I stalk every fall.  Bonanza!
We wound up with a quart of pulp from the persimmons and froze it in 1 cup portions for baking.

Spice berries on a prolific bush.  Gathering lots of twigs, leaves and berries.

The mushroom log I got at an herb faire in May is pushing out shrooms beside the front porch.

Bottled up the black walnut cordial we made in mid-June.  It still needs a few months to mellow.
This is just a taste of what's been going on.  We have a pretty good time.  There has been a class or two, trips to farm markets, visiting friends, and evenings on the deck watching the sun go down.  It's a good life!


Laura said...

Wow wow WOW! This is a feast for the senses!

I love coming to your blog, because it feels like a trip to the country! Seeing the bounty from "the hill" and all the goodies you're making is such a treat! And INSPIRING!

Kellianne said...

Oh the fun! Thanks for sharing, Tina...the persimmons...I'm jealous! :)