Thursday, October 24, 2013

Roots & Wings Fall Fest - WE DID IT!

Mid-August, in discussions with Susan Hess and Maryanne Schwartz about the upcoming fest, it seemed like it was forever away.
If I told you how quickly and smoothly it fell together, you probably wouldn't believe me.  Fact is, both my sister (Maryanne) and I AND Susan had in the past planned something similar, but both of those plans had been tabled for various reasons.  The moment we started talking, it was as if a fire was ignited.  Within 3 days we had a full roster, a site, and were up and running, ready to accept registrations!  We worked away over the next couple of months as they zoomed by, and last Friday night we found ourselves in a hotel room with all the supplies in the back of the car, our friend and speaker Betty Pillsbury ensconced, and some other friends in the room down the hall, all waiting to see how the day ahead would unfold.
And unfold it did!
With nary an unsolvable glitch, Roots & Wings took place on a glorious Autumn day.
Every session was attended by excited, happy learners.  People made friends, laughed together, and were inspired and jazzed to find new things to try.
Throughout the day, when I talked to attendees, the feedback was invariably wonderful.  We heard over and over how glad people were to find this in their own backyard.
It was so much more rewarding than we ever expected when we set out to organize it.  Now to get together, talk about it, and start planning for spring!  Here are some scenes from the day:

Betty Pillsbury's workshop on dream pouches.

Composting with Erica Lavdanski

Happy partakers at Susanna Reppert Brill's cordial class.

Everyone taking Tamara Sheen's workshop on live cultured foods got into the sauerkraut!

2 of the first 3 sessions - Barb Steele and Susan Hess took opposite ends of the large pavilion.

It was great watching people getting to know each other over lunch!

Maryanne Schwartz did a cold-processed soap demonstration using the sage hydrosol and essential oil from my distillation earlier in the day.

Susanna speaking.
There were so many other great talks that I just didn't get to with the camera.  Wonderful speakers, wonderful attendees - a wonderful day!

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