Friday, January 30, 2015

A Taste for Herbs

Many times over the years, we've seen an interesting thing happen.  Herbs that are hard to get down when one is feeling great, suddenly aren't so terrible when you really need them.  Sometimes we've put together teas for friends and given them along with a warning that it will probably taste pretty bad, but should do the trick... and then, they tell us that they LOVE the taste!

And so today, there was another instance of this strange occurrence, but this time, it is me experiencing the transformation of taste.
This past month has held more illness for me than any 5 year period in my recollection.  The final insult has been an upper respiratory thing that I probably picked up at the trade show we did.  I was very good about washing hands and taking elderberry, but slacked off on the syrup when we got home.  Too soon.  I missed the window, and that bug caught me, but good.  The air is too dry, and it's difficult to stay hydrated enough, I think.
Elderberry didn't do it.  Fire cider didn't do it.

Eating raw garlic kept it from getting worse, but hasn't been enough to kick it to the curb (although it has kept everyone else from getting too close to me).
So today, with the vice gripping my lungs and the hacking cough starting to cause real muscular pain, it was time to pull out the big guns.  The ones I really don't like the taste of.  Sigh...
I filled a pot with water and added:
osha root
elecampane root
slippery elm bark
wild cherry bark
reishi mushroom
horehound herb
and toward the end of simmering, mullein leaf.

The contents of the strainer will be returned to the pot with the rest, and used again.
I added some lemon and lime honey, the seriously thick, white dregs of the garlic honey, and a licorice root stick to stir.   Not exactly my cup of tea.
This is a deep, dark brew.

But not only did I like it, I went back for more!  I can take a few deep breaths, and that's a great improvement.  I'll add more water and keep drinking this all day long.  I don't know that it will *cure* this bug, but it is helping.  A lot.

If this thing has a hold of you, try some of these barks and roots if you have them.  Some or all - or add others that make sense to you.  Even hot liquids will give you some relief, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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