Sunday, October 18, 2015

First "Wintry Mix" 2015

This is the tenth year of blogging here, and after a couple of years I learned how much value there is to looking back and seeing what previous years held weather-wise.  There is one year that I neglected to record properly, during which *I think* we had a very early snow, followed by a winter that ended in the beginning of February. 
So this is really just for my own info.
We were advised to expect frost last night or tonight.  The S-word was possible to the north and west.  We didn't get frost, but surely will tonight.  At around 11 this morning I was working on cleaning the office and looked out the window (probably because I subconsciously heard the ice balls hitting) to see our first snow/sleet/rain of the year.
Temps are in the low-mid 40's. 
Later, while out on some errands, half the sky was wintry, and the other half was bright blue with puffy skies.
We ran into a real sleet-storm, where it was even laying.
Just now (4:30), I was out and even though the sunny blue sky was barely marked by fluffy clouds, there was a light misting rain - which led me to look for the darkest part of the sky, where sure enough, I found the rainbow.
So basically today held about 6 days worth of weather.

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