Friday, March 11, 2016

That’s My Bag: What I keep in my bag for spring


So I know Cosmo, Elle, and every other magazine in the world have done this so I thought, “Hey! Why not do one for TEH?” I always love finding out what everyone carries with them throughout their day. It opens up new insights to their personality, what they deem important, and sometimes I find things that make my life a million times easier. While I am like many girls with a bag full of hair ties, pens, and mints there are definitely some herbie influences that I have picked up since I began studying herbalism. Hopefully you’ll find some good ideas from my bag and please share what’s in yours!

Pen and Pad

Because I get to study with, work with, and generally learn about herbs all day every day I have a lot of notes I take. Because I prefer the old fashion pen and paper when taking notes so I put my phone down and write like the wind. I find that I remember things better when I physically write them down and I will often go back to my notes time and time again if they are written.

While many of my notes do end up transposed into an official notebook on my computer, I find that having the initial pen and paper helps me create and manage the flow much better. My notes are organized from what to do herbally (crafts, tinctures, recipes) to knowledge such as history or chemistry.

I know my system is somewhat, well, unique (and meandering) but it works for me. I always suggest anyone studying herbs keep a notebook on their person. You never know what information you may pick up!

Envelopes or Ziploc Bags

I usually keep a few envelops in my bag in case I find a plant that I cannot identify. It is a good way to keep it safe while everything else moves and rustles in my bag and it is still in decent condition for when I bring it to my mother and ask her, “What the heck is this thing?!” She usually laughs then and lets me in on the joke. It is also a nice system because you are still able to see the plant with all your senses when looking it up online. You can root out the lookalikes based on smell, touch, and taste, something you cannot do with just a picture on your phone.

Because I’m constantly chugging water, iced tea, and iced coffee during the spring and summer, my lips can get pretty chapped. The lip balm my family makes is great to help your lips repair in between water bottle refills and it helps your lips maintain good health even if you forget to put it on for a day. I will warn you to keep an eye on it on especially hot days. Like any lip balm it can melt and move around in the tube, which can make a mess of things. I usually combat this by putting it in a plastic baggie before going in my purse or just keeping it at my desk and using it throughout the day.

The git spritz we make smells wonderful and I have found it works incredibly well while I’m hiking or camping. I don’t know why but ever since I was little the bugs have loved nipping and biting me. With git spritz I’m shocked to see less bug bites after a long hike and I’m actually able to stay sane during camping.

Jasmine Hydrosol

We just bought jasmine hydrosol from Sunrose Aromatics and Oh. My. Gosh. It smells amazing! I feel like every time I spritz it on I smell like I just soaked in a jasmine tea bath. I enjoy the scent because it is light and perfect during the warmer months. I will be keeping it with me to spritz whenever I want a cool down or have a scented pick-me-up.

Obviously I’m not dragging a huge shovel behind me throughout the day but I do like to have our small handheld cobra digger either in my car or bag. If I’m on a hike or walking around and I see an abandoned plant or I’m offered one from a friend I like to have the cobra because it makes it easier to dig the plant out. Then I can put the plant a sturdy market bag to carry it home. I’m always so thankful every time I remember to bring this little guy with me. You never know what you will find!

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