Saturday, March 19, 2016

This, That, and Oh Yeah... That Other Thing

This entry is more of a newsletter than a blog post.

#1  Sale

We're running a sweet sale right now until the end of March on all of our downloadable books and back issues.  Type the word  spring  into the coupon code at check-out, and receive 30% off the price.
This is a great time to read up and make those lists before heading out to the herb shows and festivals!  Speaking of which...

#2  Herb Fest Workshop

Maryanne and I are doing a workshop at the PA Herb Festival on healing herbal vinegars, like 4 Thieves and Fire Cider.  You must pre-register and pre-pay, and can do so at this LINK

#3  Housekeeping

When we process your purchases, it is EXTREMELY important that you have given us the correct information from your credit card.  If it is incorrect, our processor will not allow the charge to go through.  If you check your statement online, it will appear as "pending" but will not go through - and we will not be paid for the purchase. 
SO...If we ask you to check the ZIP CODE to be sure that it matches what your credit card company has on file, it is because we need it.  If we ask you to check the EXPIRATION DATE and the CCV CODE as well, it is because we know that one of those three pieces of information has been given to us incorrectly.  Usually a typo, sometimes an error, but no matter how many times we "try running it again," if you don't give us the correct information, we will not be paid for the order. 
<>smoothing feathers<>  Thank you.

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