Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What I’m Up To: Tinctures and Extracts

 So while we were in Wisconsin I stumbled into some vanilla beans and few days ago Mom handed me a bit of turmeric. So what should I do with my surprise bounty? Throw it in alcohol of course!

With the turmeric I put in a little black pepper to heat things up. Ken is pretty active and usually has sore joints after a basketball game or a run downtown. I’m hoping that with a few doses over time he will be feeling right as rain.

I, on the other hand, made something pretty indulgent. I adore vanilla extract in my iced coffee in the morning. I use it in baking as well but on a daily basis there is usually a splash in morning Joe. It helps sweeten the coffee without adding extra calories to your morning brew. Just be sure not to add too much!

Let me know what creations you guys have going on! I can always use more inspiration.


Marnie said...

I got a chamomile and a lemon balm tincture sitting. I have finally managed to baby the arnica long enough to harvest some flowers and have them steeping in olive oil for a simple salve. Today in the dehydrator, I laid out some stevia and marjoram. I am sorely disappointed I wasn't able to get any of the holy basil seeds to grow.

Linda said...

I recently bought a stevia plant. Do you harvest it Ali growing season? Dehydrate and then what?


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