Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Masonic Village Farm Market - wow!

Lancaster County is well known for the PA Dutch/Amish connection, but in the past decade or so, we're garnering attention for lots of other things.  Lititz is over the hill in one direction, and they have been named the Coolest Small Town in the US, have the best Brew Pub in the country, and Lititz Rock has become a mecca for musicians preparing for world tours.  Lancaster city has been called the new Brooklyn and was recently honored for having the best coffee roaster in America.  We've got a lot of great things going on here.
Nice large jars of elderberry jelly.  EH readers know to keep some elderberry around during flu season!

There are always surprises.  A few weeks ago, my sister's soap company took an order of soap out to the Masonic Village Farm Market in Elizabethtown (over the hill in another directon).  We'd never been there, and entering the retirement community was almost like a completely separate town.  Fields and orchards, meadows and farms, all stunning and well kept.  We were awed!

Then we got to the market.  Beautiful, local, and almost everything grown on the farm.  Additionally, there was milk, ice cream, cheeses, meat, dip mixes, baked goods, olive oil, jellies, and sauces.  The market is open year round, but the cafe isn't open quite yet - but will be in another week or so.

Here are a few pics.  I snagged the soap picture off their facebook page.

Small dairy farm - glass bottles.
Beautiful cheeses.
I won't go on and on and on about the baked goods.  But I'd like to. 
Look at this beautiful display of Lancaster Soapworks, Etc. soaps!
I'm looking forward to our next trip.  They have hand-dipped ice cream in the cafe, and I can just imagine sitting to savor it, and looking out over the valley of farmland spreading our below.
Check it out if you're local OR if you visit our beautiful area on vacation.  This is really an out of the way, non-touristy gem.

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