Monday, March 26, 2018

Oops - Mistake to New Product

As I've probably mentioned a thousand times, Essential Herbal had a website redesign.  It was fun and challenging, and also involved the tedious retyping of lists of products. 
In the course of one such session, I accidentally typed in "Stress" instead of  "Sinus" on the Aromatherapy Roll-On dropdown.

...and didn't notice the error.
...and then sold one - at which time, I noticed the error.
...and then wondered why we didn't have it.
My sister's been making these things for over 20 years, without really adding to them.  I talked her into the Amber & Sandalwood, and customers insisted on the Wise Woman, but otherwise, it's been a good, reliable mix.
So we made one!

And people love it!
Maybe I'll let my brain go on autopilot more often.

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