Thursday, August 19, 2021

Old Sage Apothecarian Virtual Conference '21

 This 2 day conference is pretty exciting (and the early bird special is good for 11 more days).
Have you been thinking about learning to make soap, lotions, and salves?  Do you already make them, but want to up your game?  How about learning more about business? 

As shown above, I'll be demonstrating Balms & Salves.
Maryanne will be talking about her 20 years of soap wholesaling, and sharing the peaks and valleys.
Lotion Making, Distilling Plants, Choosing your Target Market, Business Roundtable, Soap Coloring and Design Techniques, Whipped/Cream Soap, Soap Dough, Elderberry, and Livestreaming will also be covered.  I'm sure I probably missed something. 
You'll get to network online and ask questions.  AND if you choose the option to purchase the recording, you will have it for a full year, to practice along with us or listen to the business ideas a few times. 
Visit the website today to see if it's something you need!  I hope you'll join us.
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