Tuesday, August 17, 2021

We're back with wings! (new stuff)

 I didn't realize how long it's been! 
It took a while after my sister had surgery to get things back in gear, but here we are.
There are a few things to show you that are new.
The first one might be a little weird to some, but we just couldn't resist when something so beautiful and special showed up.

Find them HERE

Next, these were made a while ago, but I went looking for them in anticipation for the Black Walnut Botanical Conference over this past weekend.  It was HOT for the first half.  I was shocked to find how many we had, so here they are!

SO cooling to wear around the neck on a hot day! 

Check them out HERE

A bunch of new scarves went up on the site yesterday too! 

There are about 30 more up on the website, so take a look at them all!  Click HERE
They are so comfy when the weather get a little cooler.

Tomorrow I'll stop by to tell you about a Virtual Soapmaker's Conference coming up in September!

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