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Essential Herbal July/Aug 2024

 This summer issue is a delight filled with all sorts of herbal wonders.  Take a break from the weather where you are and grab a copy!
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Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
Discovering the absolute joy of perennials after decades of planting them.

About the Cover  - Where is this magical place?

Calendula, My Go-To Summer Flower, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh
Growing, harvesting, and enjoying calendula in skin soothers, food, and tea!

Surprising Summer Sides, Alicia Allen
Tired of the same-old, same-old at potlucks?  These will become classics.

10 Healing Weeds of Late Summer, Carly Wall
There is so much food and medicine around us.  Learning even a few can make a big difference.

3 Magic Moon Milk Recipes, Jessicka Nebesni
Delightful, creative, and healing beverages to enjoy.

A Year of Foraging - June, Rebekah Bailey
Becky continues to find interesting plants.  This project is fun for all of us!

Meet Milk Thistle, Kristine Brown RH(AHG)
All about this medicinal wonder.  Instructions for  harvesting, storing, and making extract included.

Adding Interest to the Garden with Perennials, Kathy Musser
A quartet of stunners you might want to try.

Word Search  - Summertime!

Crossword Puzzle  - Inside this Issue and Beyond!

Long Live the Tamal! Marci Tsohonis
I needed this article, having shied away from tamales all my life because I didn’t know how to eat them!  Now I even know how to make them.

Valerian, Jackie Johnson ND
Valerian came back to disturbed land and said, “HEY!  Notice me!”  Jackie does a deep dive to find out why, and shares her findings along with lore, and ways to include valerian in the apothecary.

Yarrow Tea, Jamie Jackson, excerpt from Healing Herbs,  byTina Sams

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