Saturday, June 08, 2024

Extra! May/June 2024

 Our little Extras became more than we expected.  Originally they were going to be a single recipe with a note, or perhaps a puzzle and a tea blend to try. Maybe a short video showing how to do something... It was never quite that simple though, Not a one was ever that small. 

 In this issue, we had a great discussion of what wild food and medicine plants are available right now, in Rebekah Bailey's ongoing series  "A Year in Foraging."
I wrote about how wet it's been here and how it has effected the garden. 
We included our favorite recipe and instructions for elderflower fritters.
AND we had a crossword puzzle and a word find puzzle.
Not a bad little tidbit.  

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We put the first 2 years together in (and we'll be needing to change this title) ALL THE EXTRAS,
and after the new year we'll be putting together another 2 years. 

  That's the only way you can read them if you aren't a subscriber. 

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