Monday, November 17, 2008

The coolest swap ever - homegrown

This is the second year that I've participated in a swap that is just incredibly creative and inspiring. Participants are to make things with what grows either in their gardens, or around them locally. Farmers markets may also be utilized as long as the pickin's are local. Both years it has been a giant swap with about 25 participants. We all try to do something original that nobody else will do. Last year I made lavender wands and itch-away spray. This year it was jewelweed soap and lemon-berry-balm tea. Here's my loot...

So, just to give you an idea of some of the homegrown stuff that went into these items, they included, aloe, rosemary, comfrey, lavender, lemon verbena, calendula, scuppernong grapes, rose petals, wild berries, gooseberries, pears, blueberries, apples, orange blossom honey, lemons, hops, mugwort, marjoram, mint, sheep milk, popcorn, sage, goat milk, cucumber, tomato, eggs, basil, beeswax, silk, kudzu, poppies, jewelweed, lemon balm, garlic and elderberries. Those were ALL the homegrown or home raised ingredients.

Want to know what was in there? Jellies, chutney, apple butter... a dream pillow, herbal body creams and lotions, milk bath, hair conditioner, tub tea, facial lotion, lip balm, herbal tea, and 11 different kinds of soap - all luscious and made by artisans.

That was spectacular. Now if I can just fight off my daughter and get to use some of it myself!

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Patricia said...

What a fun swap! Absolutely the coolest swap ever, I'm so jealous.