Friday, November 28, 2008

Our little blooper

Earlier this week, Maryanne and I did a class on balms and salves. Unfortunately, we forgot a main ingredient. We were filming the class, and this is a tiny little portion - right when we discovered the missing item.Our audience turned out to be a very gracious group!


Patricia said...

and you handled it with extreme grace! We've all done it (at least I hope we've all done it). Glad your group was so nice.


Sarah said...

Why, Tina! You do look like you'd like to exit the room, but only for about 10 seconds. Then you just move right into improvisation mode. Nicely done!

Laura said...

That's right, ladies! You can handle ANYTHING! And Sarah's right: when in doubt, IMPROVISE!

I'm so proud of you two. You can do anything! :)