Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pink Sky at Night

I can't help it. The sky and the world outside is so amazing in the fall. All weekend we've been having some wild looking clouds, but this sucked me out the front door to snap a picture.
The Bradford pear tree in the yard can't decide whether to drop her leaves or not. Many of the ones that do hit the ground look like leather, dark and supple. I'd like to preserve some and make a wreath. But in the meantime, it is many, many colors and it is beautiful.
The people in the farm across the way collect and restore old farm equipment. I've come to enjoy watching what they bring home from heaven knows where, and the progress they make. That lends an interesting bit to this scene.
But the sky! Look at that! Earlier, there had been a gleaming streak of sun that escaped a cloud, and crashed into the willow down the road, and the tips of trees along the road. That caught my eye too. This ... was actually a bit deeper than you see here. The sky was swirling and full of pinks, purples, gray and black.

We had a full day of weighing soaping fats today. My hands are sore, so this is enough typing for now.

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Laura said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Whenever, I need a "taste" of PA, I know I can always count on your blog to take me there. Thank you for that! :)