Monday, July 25, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour - Michele in TN

The next stop on our virtual tour is Michele Brown's garden in TN. Michele is the co-owner of Possum Creek Herbs, where she grows and sells amazing herbs to both wholesale and retail customers, as well as having a pretty steady presence at the Chattanooga Farmers Market and various craft, garden and herb shows in the area.
Below, a bench is surrounded by fragrant lemon balm.Here in PA, the lack of rain is really starting to show in our gardens, with some plants turning brown and dying. It is a pleasure to visit Michele's lush, verdant patch of earth.Michele says, "I did everything in containers this year as an experiment. It is working well, easy to water and tie up as you can see in the veggie containers. I got a late start which is why I am still waiting on some tomatoes and the zinnias to bloom." With the weather we've had this year on this side of the country, I'd say she chose a great year to try this, especially as her business continues to expand year after year.
Look! The 'mater sandwiches can't be too far off. With peppers right behind them.This one is called a "Garden Peach Tomato". Wonder what that's like...
I visited Michele's farm many years ago, and it was then a delicious meadow carved out of a deciduous woodland, with that soil that comes from such a place (and she does know how to build a good soil, too). I marveled at the pineapple sages that towered over me and the various plants that grew so well but were tender perennials to me. And of course there are some plants that are hardy just about everywhere - like this coneflower... This container gardening looks interesting, though.
For instance, I've lost 2 patches of French Tarragon to marauding weeds. Here, Michele has it safely tucked into it's own pot.Now this is an idea that I really love! This is a tea barrel, containing lemon balm, lemon verbena, and lemon grass. To make a delicious pot of lemon flavored herb tea, simply browse this barrel. One could add some lemon thyme and basil, as well! Maybe something like chamomile and lemon balm with a trellis for passionflower? That would work up north where the passionflower is mostly an annual. Ohh... are those little pineapple sage plants I see in front?
Not sure where we're going next. Can we come to your garden?


Unknown said...

I am planting much in containers this year due to our lack of heat.
Love the lemon tea planting, yum.

Nestforawren said...

Michele, thank you for the tour! I love the barrel planting, especially that you combined them as you would a tea. It must be heaven to brush past that!