Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cover Story, Essential Herbal Nov/Dec '12

For many years we did most of the covers in-house because not using color, we didn't feel it was a decent or fitting representation of the work of others.  With the addition of color covers a few years ago, the possibilities flew wide open and we've had many beautiful covers of original artwork.

This one is very special though.  This one includes the hands of several readers (and me) who have come to know the artist over the years, through the magazine and the email list.  I posted the cover yesterday.  Today I will share what Carey wrote about the inspiration for her work.  Reading it the first time brought me to tears as I realized that the vision, work, and dreams of the past decade were exactly what she painted.

About the Cover...

The idea for this drawing came to me one night when I was musing over possible images to paint for the TEH cover. The words, home-hearth-warm-love-nourishment-friends-sisters-healing-community, kept swirling around in my vision as I moved objects around on my table, attempting in vain to create a still life that I could sketch.

Then, all of sudden I saw us, all of us readers, gathered around a table, it was cold outside and we were all warmed by a fireplace. There was laughter that would suddenly erupt, and then silence as we listened to the wind howl beyond the walls and the fireplace snap behind us. I could smell the fireplace, and honeyed beeswax, and herbs, and coffee, of course the coffee. This was what I need to paint!

So, I asked a few of the terrific women with whom I've gotten to know because of this magazine, if they would be game for taking a picture of their hands around their favorite mug, at a table, and then send it to me. I was thrilled that they agreed.

So here they are, with a few liberties taken on the part of the artist, starting on the left, in the back row, going clockwise around the table: Betsy Stevens and mug, Tina Sams and mug, Maryanne Schwartz and mug, Rosanne Tartaro and mug, and Marci Tsohonis and mug that was made by her granddaughter. With the exception of Tina and Maryanne, who live right next door to each other, we are all sprinkled around the country. I love them all and many times wish we could all just gather around a table like this on a regular basis. I feel this way about the entire magazine, and especially the yahoo list, on which I've been especially quiet these last many months, but I look forward to the posts.

This magazine truly tells the story of what herbalism, to me, is about. It's about caring for others, adding to joy, shoring up health, or easing pain, and having the means to do so. It's about sharing the wisdom, comparing notes, humor, supporting each other, and weaving the beauty of these amazing plants into every nook and cranny of our lives.

May your winter days be full of love and warmth and loveliness and herbs.

Carey Jung (CareyJung.com)

In future days, I will share more about some of the articles inside and the advertisers who make it possible.  Have a good one!


MoPTB said...

I didn't realize that was Carey Jung who did the artwork! WOWZA! And, yep, that is the best, most eloquently crafted explanation of what TEH is.

Tina Sams said...

Thanks Marnie! As gorgeous as it is, to me the thought behind it makes it glow brighter <3

Carey Jung said...

Hey Marnie, Thank you! I am really glad you like it. Thank you for your kind words. and Thank *you* Tina!

Shelley said...

What a beautiful cover! Your artwork is just wonderful, Carey. I can hardly wait to see it in person. Will be eagerly checking the mailbox! You have captured the essence of The Essential Herbal, with your lovely art, and especially with your description of what this group means to all of us!