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Nov/Dec '12 issue - The Essential Herbal

Our latest issue has hit the mail, and will be reaching subscribers by the end of the month.  As usual, it is filled with an amazing array of seasonal herbal goodness.  We love each of the articles, as well as the fact that our readers are oftentimes writing for their fellow readers!  It is this generous sharing that makes Essential Herbal what it is.  This issue concludes 11 years of building this grassroots community of herbies, and we're thrilled to be headed into #12.
This issue's cover was painted by Carey Jung, and she wrote a beautiful column about how and why she chose this image.  We'll post that here tomorrow, so stop back :-)

This issue's cover was painted by Carey Jung, and she wrote a beautiful column about how and why she chose this image.  We'll post that here tomorrow, so stop back :-)

Table of Contents

Field Notes
It would seem that the more things change, the more things stay the same. 
About the Cover, Carey Jung
Carey tells how she came up with the concept for the cover and how it expresses her feelings about the magazine, the community that surrounds and supports it, and the people she's met through it.

Civil War: Conditions, Treatments & Botanicals, Jackie Johnson   
We tend not to think about the conditions of war, especially earlier wars.  Jackie gets into the nitty-gritty of germs, fevers, herbs that were used, and all of the things soldiers faced that were as bad as the enemy's  weapon.

Herb/Spice Bread Dough Wreath, Rita Richardson   
A fun decorative project to do alone or with kids.

Handmade Holidays, Kristin Henningsen   
Make some quick, easy, inexpensive holiday gifts with these recipes and instructions.

Herbal Ice Pops, Michael Blackmore
Michael did lots of experimentation during the summer, and came up with several outstanding ice pop recipes that will help keep the family healthy and happy.  You'll be coming up with your own pops in no time. The possibilities are endless.

Ginger Sore Throat Syrup, Marci Tsohonis
There are so many good reasons to have a good ginger syrup handy over the winter (well... all the time)!
Winter Remedies with Summer Herbs, Suzan T Scholl
Now that you've grown and gathered them, what to do?  What are they for? Ideas for the medicine cabinet abound.
Seasoning for the Season, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh
Mmmm mmm!  Corn relish, purple basil jelly, lime mint slaw, and many other delectable delicacies.
Herbs for the Eating Season, Sandy Michelsen
Here it comes.  The Eating Season is upon us, and Sandy shares herbal remedies to offer relief.
Louisiana Lagniappe, Spiced Citrus & Cranberry Punch, Sarah Liberta   
A holiday beverage fit for entertaining yet still full of vibrant, healthy fruits and spices.

Oh Christmas Tree!, Marci Tsohonis
Memories of trees past have convinced Marci that only a real tree will do (so they grow their own) and that  scent inspires some wonderful pine/fir concoctions to soothe winter illnesses.
Rosemary … My Remembrance, Janice Kline   
For Janice, this dear herb of remembrance was more healing than she might have believed possible.

Yule Magic, Heddy Johannesen
Nature inspires these creations - incense, tree decorations, sachets, and a bath salt blend.
From the Vault, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Is there any way we can get enough pumpkin at this time of year?
SouthRidge Treasures, Holiday Breads, Mary Ellen Wilcox   
Mary Ellen shares a lovely array of quickbreads that can be made ahead and frozen for gift-giving or to have  on hand through the winter.  Pumpkin, nutmeg, cardamom, dill, sour cream and cranberries are ingredients in  the various loaves.

Mama Elizabeth’s Baklava, Zan Asha   
Zan shares her mother's recipe for baklava!

From the Vault, Dilly Popovers   
These were deemed "like campaign speeches, full of hot air, but easier to stomach."

From the Vault, Honey Butter
One last quick, easy, yet luscious item to make for gifts or keeping to yourself.   

Now.  Aren't there a lot of things that have you wanting to go play in the herb closet just seeing the titles?  We think so too.  Wonderful culinary, medicinal, and decorative uses of herbs, enough to keep you busy right through til 2013!

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