Sunday, March 03, 2013

TEH Wants to Travel this Year!

We would love to get around to all the herb conferences, soap gatherings, herb study groups and wherever herbies and soapers get together to share their knowledge and skills. 
Of course that's not going to happen.  The two of us here are pretty busy just getting the The Essential Herbal Magazine out and into the hands of subscribers.
Instead, we've put together a special Mini-mag filled with 11 full articles, and info on how to subscribe, contribute, or advertise in the real thing.  The smaller sample means that we can more easily afford to ship them out to share.  For years we've sent full sized magazines when possible, and shipping is a killer - not to mention lugging around those heavy boxes.  Event coordinators don't need to be lugging them either. 
Small, but filled with valuable information that will be kept and reviewed over and over.
So if you'd like to invite us to your group, contact me at  Tell me about your group/gathering/conference and hopefully we'll be able to send some mini-mags in our stead and manage to travel all around the US this summer.  So far we've sent out 1000 and still have 7500 to go.  Drop us a line!

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Anonymous said...

Ill be headed to the international herbal symposium the woman's herbal festival and herbal resurgence this year. I'd love to help.
Katrina McNulty