Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

Today I'm taking this moment to be full of thanks for everyone who is a part of what we do here.  This has been one amazing year.  I didn't have more than a minute here and there to stop and think about what was happening!
About this time last year, I started work on Healing Herbs for  Fair Winds Press.

With only a chapter or two left to be finished, we were joined for several months here on the hill by a little darling (and her mother) and she was fun to wake up to each morning.

In summer, I submitted an article to The Herbarist, the yearly journal of the Herb Society of America, and while I haven't seen it yet, friends have told me that it turned out very well.

Just a couple of months later, our roomies moved on to their new home and within days, work on the newest book, "Through the Seasons" was underway.  We finished that last month and all of the preordered books went out a couple of weeks ago to great reviews.

Molly came on board as our Social Media Director, and we're about 2 shakes of a tail feather from sending off the final issue of our 13th year of The Essential Herbal magazine!

Quite a year indeed!  None of what we accomplish here would be possible without all of you!  Without our writers, magazine subscribers, book lovers, and HERBIES, there'd be nothing to talk about here.  We view ourselves as the hub of a wheel, with all of you the spokes and the wheel itself.  Over the years, we've been so grateful to have witnessed real life friendships form among our readers, people helping each other, and the joy of herbs finding its way into so many lives.  There is no better life that I can think of, and while it may be what I call my "job", it is a pure delight. 

So thank you.  Thank you for finding us, reading our magazine, loving our books, participating on our social media, and being as in love with herbs as we are.  Thank you.

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