Saturday, November 29, 2014

Special - Short and Sweet!

Our offer - though Monday - is this:
Shop around on our website, and pick out over $40 worth of merchandise.  Nothing is excluded.  When you're finished, look around on the downloadable book tab.
Choose from:
     Crafting the Bath
     Fairy Home Companion
     An Elder Gathering
     Herb Soaps from Scratch
     Herbie Word Puzzles
     Herb Beads
     Blending Herbal Teas
     Balms & Salves
     Making and Using Herb Vinegars
      Perfect Potpourri and Scented Gifts
OR any of our listed back issues.
When you've found the one you want, place your order for $40 or more, and in the comments section, give us the title.  We'll send you the link to that book or magazine as soon as the order arrives in our in-box.  And just about the time you've finished enjoying it, your order will arrive!
Pretty good deal, eh?

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