Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's all over but the presents...

Our prebuy for "Through the Seasons" is over.  They are now on sale, as are the downloadable puzzle books.  It's been a wild ride!  We're a small company, and getting something like this printed is a real nail-biter, hopint to be able to pay the printer upon delivery, but thanks to you we made it!  Whew!

We pulled winners from the names of those who purchased.  There were 42 prizes altogether, and odds were about 1 in 4.  Not too shabby.  Everyone got the free puzzle book download and the free shipping in the US, so in a way, everyone won.  And just wait until the book arrives!  It's amazing.

So here are the winners.  We've listed the prize, the winner's first name and last initial, and their order number:

Spiked Cacao from Morgan Botanicals        C McC 6168
Sunrose - USB aromatherapy diffuser        Maryelise H 6187
one year subscription to Herbal Roots Zine    Shelley S 6173
Sweet Dreams Spray - Lee's Teas            Mary Lynn B 6190
Healing Herbs from Quarto Publishing        Mary T 6201
Elixir from Blessed Maine Herbs            Angela W 6188
Autumn Earrings from Torchsong Studio        Elizabeth F 6179
Salve from Missouri Herbs            Tali B 6090
Zom-Be-Gone Spray from Lee's Teas        Vicky W 6034
Gypsy Plus Elixir from Nettlejuice Herbals    Marty W 6092
Wishing Vessel from Torchsong Studio        Marie McC 6163
First Issue TEH                    Cynthia J 6072
First Issue TEH                    Holly O 6011
First Issue TEH                    Danielle B 6172
First Issue TEH                    Marcia E 6150
First Issue TEH                    Barbara K 6227
All Natural Facial Kit from Mountain Rose    Patricia S 6207
Goddess Molded Soap Set from TEH        Kerry C 6198
Foot Spa Set from Colorado Aromatics        Jeanne R 5974
Ornament from Herbs By Sarah            Liz M 5995
Silky Hand Butter from Green Spiral Herbs    Gabriella C-R 6083
Herb-a-tat Salve from Ravenwood Gardens        Marci T 6009
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Carol McC 6193
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Susan R 6006
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Kathleen P 5982
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Christine Mac 6004
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Em S 5999
12 Must Have Herbs - TEH            Nancy H 6005
12 Must Have herbs - TEH            Ann McD 6000
12 Must Have herbs - TEH            Cathy K 6044
12 Must Have herbs - TEH            Pamela S 6137
12 Must Have herbs - TEH            Manda R 6017
Magazine Subscription - TEH            Elizabeth K 6141
Magazine Subscription - TEH            Sheri W 6147
Magazine Subscription - TEH            Cheryl S 6027
CALMA™ Eye Pillow from Winged Seed        Donna H 6170
Faux Joe from Farm at Coventry            Patricia S 6206
Shortbread Mixes from The Backyard Patch    Vicki McG 6174
Luscious Face Cream from Herbs from the Labyrinth    Stephanie C 6078
Salt Free Dressing Mixes from The Backyard Patch    Stephanie R (check)
Chocolate Peppermint Tea from Lee's Teas    Jeffrey T 6229
Celtic Knot Soap Set from TEH            Gwen H 5978

We'll be in touch with the winners and those contributing prizes within the next 24 hours.  Thank you so much, everyone!  It's been fun.

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