Friday, February 19, 2016

Herbie Wish List for My First Apartment

So next week (AH!!!) I will be moving into my first long-term apartment. I'm a little nervous, really excited and trying to figure out what I should bring. Here are a few things I will be taking to my new home with me so I do not get too homesick for the commune.

 1.  Incense Matches

These are perfect for the bathroom or when you want to freshen your home in a hurry when you have company coming over. I remember these being lit throughout the shop when they wanted to add some spice to the shop or my mom needed to freshen our home. It is my favorite answer to Febreeze and other store-bought fresheners.

2. Ten years of herbal know-how
            I know I know I should have every recipe in my mother’s books memorized. Unfortunately I do not have the photographic memory of my mother (seriously, it is on point) but I am lucky enough to have a seemingly endless amount of resources for remedies, recipes, and crafts in TEH’s compendiums. I fully anticipate working through the books to find some of my favorites and awaken my love of culinary experimentation.

3. Witch Ball

            I just learned about witch balls when my mother purchased them for the shop. They are stunning, one-of-a-kind glass orbs that have a lot of folklore behind them. Supposedly they have the ability to trap bad vibes and are able to trap magic of evil witches bewitched (heh) by its swirling and magnificent colors. I plan on putting one or two in the entryway and in the back door entrance. And OK, maybe a one or two in the living room, they’re just so pretty!

4. Liquid Smudge

            The smell of sage has always been a welcoming scent for me since I have often come home to my mother distilling it. I love to smell it and I am so excited to bring it into my own home. While I’m sure it will take some time to instill my new house with herbie goodness, I think spritzing some liquid smudge will make it feel a little more like home. Any positivity that it may bring is really just a bonus.

5. Stop The World Elixir

            I’m sure many of you can relate to the stress I feel about moving. I worry about things fitting, other things we may need, breaking things, and of course, figuring out where to put everything when we get there. Luckily Stop The World is really nice for days like that where my head is spinning and I need to calm down and focus. If you happen to drive through Lancaster on the day we move you may see me putting a few drops into my tea, water, food, and anything else I can think of.

6. Ache Away
Feeling sore and achy is inevitable no matter what when you’re moving. After putting mattresses in one room, couches, in another, and desperately trying to figure out how to get the dining room table in, my muscles will be screaming and I will be happy I packed Ache Away in my moving day kit.

7.  Five Star Salve

I love using Five Star Salve for small bug bites and burns. I figure what could be better to have in the herbie medicine chest than that! It is also perfect during the winter for rough and cracked feet. I will often rub it onto my feet before bed so they are ready for the day tomorrow.

8. Fire Cider Elixir

            Because we’re moving during the winter I want to make sure everyone is nice and toasty. Fire Cider Elixir is perfect for that because you can take it straight or it can go into teas, soups, and even on pizza (hint, hint). I really love our fire cider because it is so tasty and packs quite a wallop. While the burn is not as intense as you may expect, the fire it lights in your belly will keep you going.

9.  Cobra Head

            This spring will be the first time I will have a garden all my own. While I absolutely love all the memories I have working in the garden with my mother, it is definitely exciting to think up a whole new fresh garden on my own. The Cobra Head will be awesome for getting out all the weeds and mystery plants that the former tenants left behind. Now if I could just rebuild the fence…

10. Perfect Potpourri

            Potpourri of today is not what I remember in my grandmother’s powder room. It is definitely making a comeback and it is absolutely crazy to see what people are doing with it. Because of that I want to jump on the bandwagon and see what I can do with such an awesome herbal craft. In order to have some idea of what I’m doing I want to take Perfect Potpourri with me so I understand the basics before I go crazy and start making Tussie Mussies with reckless abandon.

Am I forgetting anything?

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