Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Spring Classes at The Essential Herbal

We've got a brand new classroom and we can't wait to get started!  If you're local and interested in learning, please consider joining us for one or more of these offerings.

Herbal Candies for Immunity - March 5, 2016 1-3 pm
We're going to make 2 different goodies in this one.  While we make them, we'll talk about the ingredients and how they will help us fight off germs.  We'll give some other good ways to stay healthy while we're at it.
First up will be a hard candy featuring elderberry, ginger, and lemon.
Next we'll be borrowing from Rosemary Gladstar, and making "Immunity Balls" with a nod to her Zoom Balls, but using herbs that help us face the changing seasons with confidence.
This class will be partially hands-on, and each participant will be taking home some of what we make along with the recipes for these and some others.  $30

Herbal Preparations for Stress - March 19, 2016 1-3 pm
We will arm you with lots of tools to modulate stress. We'll discuss several herbs and their uses that can belpful and then we'll make a tea, a tincture, and Molly will help us all make a small anti-stress pillow. You'll take home some of everything we make along with instructions. $25

We'll be at the PA Herb and Garden Faire  Friday and Saturday  (April 8 and 9)- come see us!

Kitchen Cosmetics - April 16, 2016 1-3 pm
Get harsh chemicals off your dressing table.
Sort of a spring cleaning for the skin. We suggest that you arrive for this one sans make-up and not terribly worried about your hair, because we will be playing! We'll make all kinds of skin rejuvenating preparations, at a perfect time to wake up your face after a long, dry winter. There will be recipes and samples to take home. $25

Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire is May 6th and 7th.  We're directly across from the entrance.

Weed Walk, Medicinal - May 14, 2016 1-3 pm
If you have waterproof boots/shoes, wear them. We'll be walking down into the woods and identifying some medicinal herbs, some spring ephemeral flowers, and whatever else crosses our path. Then we'll return to the workshop where some pre-infused oil (using some of the herbs we've just identified) will be ready for us to strain and turn into a wonderful healing salve.
Take home a jar of salve, a few recipes using the herbs we saw, and also, you may want to bring a couple bags so that you can take some weeds home to play with later. $25

Weed Walk, Edible - May 28, 2016 1-3 pm
It's hard to say exactly what we'll find and what we'll be eating, but there will be plants to identify and we'll whip some of them up into some interesting dishes.  Part of the fun is the anticipation and wondering what we'll find! 
This is another one to bring/wear your boots for.  There will be recipes to take home, we'll be sampling different foods, and you should probably bring along some baggies in case there is a weed (or herb from the garden) that you'd like to take home. $25

Pre-registration is required.
Hope to see you there!

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