Monday, October 29, 2007

A couple of exciting things lately

It's been a whirlwind around here with all sorts of thing swirling in the mists. First frost last night, and it's about time!
More importantly, we have a new writer joining the ranks of regulars at The Essential Herbal, and that is Alicia Grosso, beginning with the Jan/Feb '08 issue. Alicia is probably best known for her book, "The Everything Soapmaking Book", but her knowledge of all things herbal and crafty is going to bring a wonderful new energy to the magazine. She will be bringing us news of interesting techniques, additives, and well... whatever strikes her fancy! You can read her profile (and those of all of our writers) by following this link. We have so many soapers amongst our readers, and many who'd like to try it. In her first article for the magazine, she'll be giving clear, simple instructions for that first batch, along with a couple of recipes. Welcome Aboard, Alicia!

Another great opportunity arose the other day, when we went to The Rosemary House to take a day long seminar with Rosemary Gladstar. I am SO glad we went! For many years, I've been hearing nothing but good stuff about this lady, and of course had read her books. Betsy May, another of our writers, is taking Rosemary's apprenticeship course, and has spoken very highly of her. What one says about her - besides her obvious knowledge - is that she is a kind and gentle soul, inspiring others by sharing information and experiences.
Indeed, that was the woman standing before the crowd. During the course of the day, we were treated to huge gobs of information, delivered in such a way that it seemed more like an intimate conversation. It's difficult to put into words, other than to say that it did not feel like a class. I did not feel like I was "learning". It was more like drinking it in. The handouts were treasure troves of inspiration. The very best part though, was her laugh. At certain times during her presentation, something she said would cause her to remember something that had to do with the subject, and she would allow a pure, clear bubble of laughter to emerge. It was joyous, and made me laugh too.
At the end of the day, she made "longevity balls", a luscious treat made with honey, sesame butter, almond butter, and a vast array of herbs and carob powder. I volunteered to help, although I see that I should probably NEVER wear that shirt again! Yikes.

OH! And I added a new page to the site that shows all display advertisers from the current issue. Check them out! And be sure to let them know you saw them on our site :-).

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