Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Herbal Swap coming up

A few days ago I was sitting around, letting thoughts wander aimlessly through my head, when one of them got stuck. Wouldn't it be fun to have an herbal product swap on The Essential Herbal's Yahoo list? Michele Brown from Possum Creek Herbs had suggested it privately to me before, but that was back in the days of the full-time job.
So, 2 days later we have 2 groups of 15 people all set to get swapping. Maryanne is helping with the swap, and we are both included in the each of the two groups.
I'm really excited. This has gotten my imagination into overdrive. Pretty soon we'll be setting up the shop down at the Frog Hollow Evergreens farm (VERY soon!), and we also have the spring herb fairs and market off in the distance. If we look at it that way we can make batches of several things. We'll be the last stop for the swaps, so if we have a couple of different choices we can make sure the swap boxes have lots of variety.
Now my head is spinning with ideas!
Neck coolers, eye pillows, salves, herb beads, hand rolled incense, potpourri.... the possibilities are endless! Just what I needed to get into production mode!

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