Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nov/Dec '07 issue of The Essential Herbal

It's in the mail, and it's good. Another delightful, delicious, and diverse holiday issue is on the way to subscribers, shops, and businesses. We always sweat this one (the Nov/Dec issue) out a little, wanting it to be special. It is hard to be thinking about the holidays and family when the garden is still producing, still needing our attention. Our writers and contributors never disappoint us.
And just in case you haven't seen The Essential Herbal magazine, this is a good time to subscribe!
So - here's what's inside. A little teaser until it arrives.

Table of Contents

~Crossword Puzzle - Winter Traditions, Tina Sams

~Field Notes from the Editor

~Deep Within the Core, Laura Daniel
Laura shares her aromatherapy Healing Home Remedy for living in NYC

~Preserving the Harvest, Karen Mallinger
Drying, Tinctures, and Infused Oils

~Enticing Holiday Appetizers, Susan Evans
Pine Cone Almond Dip, Baby Crab Cakes with Easy Remoulade, and Cowboy Caviar are some of the recipes in this article

~Can Wine Help or Harm You, Burno Silvester Lopes
Resveratrol and Procyanidins - the keys

~Suburban Herbie, Geri Burgert
Non Herbal Non Christmas Holiday Cookies - Rugelach!

~Never Enough Thyme, Susanna Reppert
Here We Go a Wassailing

~An Interview with Gail Edwards, Katherine Turcotte
And review of Travering the Wild Terrain of Menopause - Herbal Allies for Midlife Women & Men

~Down on the Farm, Michele Brown & Pat Stewart
Potpourri...a How-to

~List Article, Warm Winter Drinks
We gathered recipes for teas, cocoas, coffee, chai, cider - yummmm

~Planting Seeds of Summer Dreams, Betsy May
Where do you get your seeds? Here are some GREAT ideas!

~SouthRidge Treasures, Mary Ellen Wilcox
New Years with recipes for lentil soup, donuts, and rice pudding.

~Book Review, Sarah Liberta
The NEW Essential Guide to Growing and Cooking with Herbs from The Herb Society of America is reviewed, and they even provided a recipe.

~Gifts From the Garden - Herb Bundles, Rita Richardson
Lots of creative ways to use all the herbs you grew

~Louisiana Lagniappe, Sarah Liberta
Eggplant and Mushroom Pie, plus a 1-2-3-4 Herb Blend

~Handmade Gel Air Fresheners, Meri Rees

~Bring Juniper into Your Life, Maureen Rogers
Sachet, decoction, foot bath, and juniper wine are just a few of the recipes for this useful plant, and you'll find them in the article.

~Mother & Child, Pam Ferry
Children and the Holidays, keeping it merry

~Hairy, Hairy Christmas, Theresa Kavi
Scalp Soak for great hair

~Classified Ads

~Potpourri (Scented) Cleaner, Marge Clark

~Snowball Candy, Holly O'Brien

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