Sunday, October 05, 2014

Book Pre-Sale Drawing - my OTHER upcoming book :-)

Over five years in the making, "Through the Seasons" gives you a full 5 years (2008 through 2012) of The Essential Herbal magazine carefully crafted into meaningful chapters and painstakingly indexed for the price of just 2 years.  Over 400 pages filled with information, remedies, and recipes that you can put into use immediately.  From novice to seasoned herbalist, you'll find a fascinating melange of writings from a wide variety of writers.
We're having a pre-sale until November 10th.  During this time, we're offering free shipping (US only), a discount on the pdf version, a free herbal word puzzle book to be downloaded, AND each book purchased is also an entry into a drawing for wonderful prizes that we'll be individually showcasing daily through the month of October, for one BIG drawing on November 10.  Books will ship before November 15.  Order yours today!

 Here is today's prize showcase from Quarto Publishing:

Today's prize is a little confusing.  Our 5 year compilation will be out in November (and the cover won't be ready to show until mid-October), and one lucky purchaser of "Through the Seasons"  will be winning "Healing Herbs" which will be released in March.  I know it's a little hard to follow, but the second book is a prize in the drawing to promote the first book!
I wrote this book about 20 of my favorite and most easily available herbs that most of us can easily find either in the yard, on a walk, or in the grocery store. 
If you don't want to take a chance, and want to pre-order "Healing Herbs" you can do so at the following link:

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