Monday, October 13, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Mountain Rose Herbs

Here's today's preview, showing what one lucky purchaser of "Through the Seasons" will win during the November 10th drawing:

This invigorating and all natural facial kit is created with quality herbs, pure essential oils, fine cosmetic clays, and pure rosewater. A pleasurable way to relax and refresh your skin, and a luxurious and fun gift idea! The ingredients are beautifully packaged in a decorative box created out of recycled fibers, wild grass paper, and finished with a twig closure. Each kit comes with instructions, enough supplies for five complete facials, and contains:

    Herbal Steam - Open pores with skin nourishing plant oils.
    Cleansing Grains - Gently exfoliate dead skin and clear pores.
    Green Clay Mask - Absorb toxins, stimulate circulation, and deep clean pores.
    Wild Rose Facial Oil - Moisturize, protect, and balance your skin.
    Rosewater Toner - Invigorating astringent to tighten pores and seal in moisture.

Just in case you can't wait and need it right now, you can order it HERE.

Not sure what this is all about?  Want to order the book?

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