Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - 12 Must Have Herbs

We ended up with right around 450 pages in "Through the Seasons."  There was some serious nudging and squeezing going on, and watching Maryanne find space for illustrations was like watching a magician at work.  Finishing the index today, and then off to the printer!  Order yours today - only 20 days left to take advantage of the pre-order perks!  www.essentialherbal.com

I missed a couple postings over the weekend, and promised that I'd make up for it, so today I have TEN of this item to award during the Nov 10 drawing.

"12 Must Have Herbs to Grow and Use" by Michele Brown of Possum Creek Herb Farm is a great little book (with beautiful color illustrations throughout) that is full of tips for the herb gardener. 10 people will find this book next to their copy of  "Through the Seasons" when it arrives in the mail.

In case you don't know the perks...

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