Saturday, February 17, 2007

On being provincial, a short rant

Most days, I truly love this job. Being the editor of The Essential Herbal magazine is a pleasure and a joy. Every now and then, a day comes along that isn't quite as enjoyable. This has been one of those days.
The magazine, in conjunction with co-listmom Michele at Possum Creek Herb Farm has a great Yahoo group. Many of our subscribers have joined, as well as Michele's customers, along with some who are just herb enthusiasts and found us. It is mostly women, and we talk about everything under the sun. We both do 99% of our business in North America, so our members are mostly from North America. It is usually close to "on topic", but there's weather, kids, and all of the other things that make up our days, as well. The list helps me come up with some great articles, and it feels like a big group of friends.
Overnight, I was bombarded with requests to join from males on another continent. Not a single woman. Considering that just last week my credit card number had to be canceled due to its being hi-jacked somehow in that same continent, I was leery. It seemed prudent to put the newcomers on moderated status. Hah! That was not good enough. New links went up on the home page, and members who posted started getting private emails from these guys. Out they went, links and all. I posted a warning to the group.
Am I being narrow-minded and provincial? Maybe. Do I intend to do everything necessary to retain the friendly, trusting integrity of the group? Absolutely.
Because here's the thing: we aren't all that interested in quantity. We aren't all that interested in self-proclaimed experts coming to share their genius, thank you very much.
We ARE interested in making sure that our customers have a safe, secure place to chat without having to worry about spammers, scammers, and crooks.
So if I reacted harshly, those are the breaks.
Like I said, some days aren't as pleasant as others.

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Anonymous said...

Tina .. you are doing just a fantastic job. Thanks! Provincial maybe! Great .. for sure !


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