Thursday, February 22, 2007

On-line Incense Making Class

I'm really excited to announce something we're going to be trying here at The Essential Herbal! Our first ever on-line class. We're going to be teaching how to make self-igniting incense cones from the powders of herbs, resins, and Sandalwood. There will also be discussion of loose incense, smudge, and safe ways to burn the incense. We are creating a special package of materials - enough to make about 24 cones of 2 different varieties - just for the class ($20, includes registration and shipping), so you can work along with everyone else - or, if you'd rather just "sit in" the registration is only $5. Materials kits will start shipping March 1.
Our Yahoo group was telling us how much they wanted some classes, so it seemed like time to give it a try. I've been trying to figure out exactly how to do it so that everyone who wanted to could participate in their own time frame. I once taught a class in a forum set-up, and it didn't feel right - 4 hours spent hitting the refresh key. So, we've "reserved" a Yahoo list just for classes. We'll be able to post lots of pictures, and lots of instruction. The group will be relatively small, so without the intimidation of a large group, questions and answers should be flying. The people on our regular group are a very friendly gang. Even though this is not exclusive to the group, I'm looking forward to being able to jabber in a smaller group about one subject.
The class will run from March 12 through March 18. Materials must be ordered by the 7th in order to be delivered in time. Registration with no materials will be open until March 11. On the 10th, we'll send out invitations for the new Yahoo group to those who are registered. That will give everyone time to get there, and if anyone has a problem, we'll have a chance to straighten it out.
Want to join us? There is a button at the very top of the left hand navigation bar on our website.

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