Monday, February 19, 2007

Snowy Dazy

Here in PA, the ice storm from last week is still having an effect on travel and the sub-freezing temps are going to hang on for a couple more days.
This is the front door of the house. The ice on the roof is a couple of inches thick, and although this door isn't being used (it would require some serious chipping - that isn't snow, it's ice on the ground) I think about how dangerous it would be should it slide off when a door is slammed.
I can stand on the surface of the "snow" and not leave so much as a footprint. Very unusual.
Yesterday was the first time I *voluntarily* hit the road in the car since the storm. No doubt about it, I am a big chicken. Anyway, the roads are now somewhat clear, with drifts and 4" ice ruts. It looks beautiful out there, though.
I took some pictures from the car. First was the horse meadow down the road. They have over a dozen of these gorgeous animals, and they were out having a tough time finding a little grass to munch. They are at quite a distance, and my little Kodak doesn't do the scene justice.

This is a little stream called Back Run. I stopped on the bridge to take a picture. Usually there are a couple of horses playing in this meadow, but they weren't out yesterday.
The fence around the tree protect it from the horse chewing on the bark.
So that's some of the scenery getting to the closest town. The grocery store was an interesting sight. Many of the shelves were bare, and I realized that delivery trucks weren't able to bring in any new shipments last week. They must have been dropping stuff all weekend, because the aisles had piles of boxes all over the place. Considering that many people hadn't been out to shop for a week, it was a bit of a madhouse.
Ok. Enough of this stuff. Bring on the SPRING!!!

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