Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is a hum-dinger we're having right now. Yesterday was snow all day long. It was fine powder, and although dangerously slick to drive in, it was easily managed with a broom and shovel here at the house. But something eerie happened overnight, and I woke up several times to the sound of tiny ice pellets hurling themselves against the bedroom windows.
We are now firmly entrenched in what can only be called a "sleezzard". Sleet coming down in blizzard conditions. I can only imagine the quantity of snow we'd be having if this were fluffy and white instead of compact and hard.
The house is rapidly becoming encased in ice. All of the windows are now covered and caked with these ice balls, and I can only see outside through a couple of them. The temperature is supposed to dip sharply as the day progresses, so I think I'll need to find a pick axe to clear the doorway.
Maybe I spoke too quickly about the onion snow the other day. This isn't it either. Dang!

Update: I was able to get through the 2' ice drift that wedged against the front door, and dug the porch out. It has now changed to snow. I think Jack Nicholson walked by carrying an axe.

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