Sunday, February 11, 2007

Plants and Seeds - where, oh where?

I know I'm a big old whiner. It was only a couple of weeks ago I was longing for the winter to get here, but now I'm ready for spring. Enough cold, time for gardens!
Plants are easy for me to get! Michele at Possum Creek has great plants, and Kathy of Cloverleaf Herb Farm is right over the hill. Besides that, Landis Valley Herb Faire is just a few days before our "safe to plant" date here - May 15.
Seeds, on the other hand, are something I'm just now having the space to work with. Before, it seemed better to just buy 2 or 3 plants of the ones I've wanted. Lavender, rosemary, and basil will stay that way, along with some of the more unusual ones, but now I can have ROWS of great veggies for the table, and fragrant herbs for the still.
So a couple of weeks ago, I asked the list for some recommendations of their favorite sources for seeds. They supplied lots! Here they are:

Rare Seeds
Thyme Garden
Seeds of Change
Pine Tree Garden
Nichols Garden Nursery
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Horizon Herbs
Seed Savers Exchange

I'll be ordering catalogs today. Hope it isn't too late to get the varieties I'll want.

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