Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Essential Herbal Magazine - Jan/Feb '09 Preview

A new issue is out and we know you're dying to see what is inside. So, as we do with every issue, we'll post the cover and table of contents. I'm thrilled to have dragged a couple shy ones kicking and screaming into the fold (just kidding). Marti Graham sent her first ever article, Ricci Ackerman joined us, and Patty Sigman photographed the cover.
Patty and I go way back (as in 7th grade, sharing clothes, way back), and it makes me so happy to be able to use her work. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Crossword Puzzle ~ Winter Wordplay
Field Notes from the editor
Kitchen Remedies, Susan Evans
List Article ~ Childhood home remedies that don't seem so silly anymore
Bay Recipes, staff
Down on the Farm ~ Herb of the Year 2009 ~ Bay, Michele Brown and Pat Stewart
Winter Shrub, Kimberly Gallagher
Never Enough Thyme ~ The Noble Bay Wreath, Susanna Reppert Brill
Suburban Herbie ~ Lessons from the Garden, Geri Burgert
SouthRidge Treasures ~ Winter Herbal Projects for the Home, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Chocolate Pudding with Bay, Susan Belsinger
Beeswax: Natural Compliment to Herbs, Marti Graham
The Soap Pot ~ Soap Inspirations from the Calendar, Alicia Grosso
Louisiana Lagniappe ~ Savory Herb Bread Pudding, Sarah Liberta
Candlemas, Betsy May
Valentine's Day is Coming! Ricci Ackerman
Damiana Cordial, Sarah Campbell

As always, this issue is filled with how to do things with herbs, delightful recipes, information and that feeling of sitting around the table with a bunch of friends, having a cup of tea while sharing what you know. You can check out subscription information at our website: The Essential Herbal Magazine
Also as always, I must once again express my profound thanks to the people who so generously contribute to The Essential Herbal and make it exactly what it is. Thanks you guys!!! You are wonderful!