Monday, December 29, 2008

Slackin on the Blog

Ok, I'll admit it.
It feels like I've been slacking on the blog.
My head is all over the place.
Nevermind that I did however many entries earlier in the month. Could it really have been 21? And they all actually required thought? Wow.

Today my mind has been almost on fire with possibilities. I have some really great (imho) ideas for the next few months. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing going on upstairs, and other days I wish I had my mini recorder in my pocket. Back in the days of the shop, the old brain fired constantly and ideas came so fast and thick that we both carried notepads everywhere.

And I have to really wonder. Did that crappy shopping cart have me feeling defeated???

Like for instance, I just listed some stuff on You can list original art, books, magazines, etc there. Normally I would think, "eh... that's for artisans". Right now? I'm all in!
2009 is going to be a challenging year.
Those of us operating small businesses will need to be on top of our games.

We will need to seek out opportunities and be willing to play along.
I have my sneakers on. I'm ready. It might even be fun!
It might be time to put heads together with some other herb-type businesses and see what we can accomplish as a group. There are lots of businesses on the Yahoo group for the magazine (where we talk about all aspects of herbs - including business), and if you're looking for such a group, join us.
In this economy, it is not a good time to be out there alone.

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Sharon67 said...

Someone on a blog I read, decided to think of a word to use and think about for the new year. She wrote it in places, tried to imagine things as much as possible to go with her word etc. I have decided to try it and because I turned 60 this last year, my word is ADVENTURE! Maybe yours should be too!