Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Shop at Frog Hollow and a Brag

Since I keep mentioning our little shop at Frog Hollow Evergreens, I thought I'd show you a few pictures. We were just starting to get it put together here. It is a temporary thing that we do one month only. Everything we have in the shop can be found at all year long.
A lot of our customers from the Mount Joy Farmers Market have taken the time to find us and restock their soap supplies! That has been a fun surprise this year.Lip Balms, salves, bath teas and especially the salt scrubs (!!!) have been flying off the shelves faster than we can keep up. We have production to accomplish before the weekend gets here. The solid perfume/lotion bars are popular too - especially the amber.I have a corner display of The Essential Herbal Magazine and all of the books we've put out (so far :-). If you are looking for a gift for an herbie friend, either a subscription and/or a copy of Under the Sun cannot be beat. Maryanne's Torchsong Studio jewelry has a table in the shop. Her torch is set up, but there hasn't been much time lately.
This next item is THE BIG BRAG. I submitted an article to a Chinese magazine about a year ago. It was an article on gourd crafts that had already run in The Essential Herbal (but really, neither they nor I were terribly worried about people reading it both places - lol). Yesterday it came in the mail. Isn't that cool? I think that of all the things I've done or had published, this is the one my daughter was most impressed by. It's a 2 page spread, but I wanted to be sure and get a legible shot of the by-line.

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