Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Walking along...
Singing a song...

Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
The snow is falling softly on the tree branches down the hill. You can just barely see the silos off in the distance, and they rise almost from an icy haze. There is nothing more beautiful than the view out the office window on any given day... especially when everyone is home, safe and sound.

Doesn't this make you want some cocoa?
Later, the kids went out to do something crazy. Molly wanted to ride on a sled hitched up to the Frogmobile, while Rob drove. Naturally, nobody saw anything wrong with that... so as they dashed across the back field I grabbed the camera to document this moment of brain absence. It was not nearly as dark as it appears in this picture, but isn't it beautiful?

I love the way kids take advantage of weather like this. We sure did when we were that age.